Surgeons Office - Claims and pre-certification, cannot understand person speaking with

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I work for a surgeons office. UHC is constantly requesting notes to delay payments. When I call to check a claim, I have to speak with someone that can barely speak English. I have to repeat my questions several times due to them not understanding my questions and I cannot understand their answers. This is a scarry situation. I also have to speak with them when I check benefits and to see if surgery requires pre-cert. I feel UHC, in order to save themselves more money and have more profits has greatly compromised their customer service and care for their policy holders. I am very displeased with their service and would not recommended their company to anyone. Due to the status of our country, I would think UHC could be much more patriotic and support our own country not somewhere else. I would love to speak with a person in upper management, but good luck in getting that far.

Very displeased with UHC


Judy W.

Review about: Customer Service.

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